Leadership Council & Committees

(Updated October 2019)

Elizabeth SpauldingElectedImmediate Past Co-Chair2018-2020espaulding@langdongroupinc.com
Frank Sprtel ElectedCo-Chair2018-2020Frank.sprtel@noaa.gov
Deborah KleinmanElectedCo-Chair2019-2022deb@lupinecollaborative.com
Doug BrookmanElectedProfessional Development & Member Services Committee Co-Chair2019-2021publicsolutions@earthlink.net
Mary DumasElectedProfessional Development & Member Services Committee Co-Chair2019-2021mary@dumas-assoc.com
Stephanie LuceroElectedNew Directions Committee / Professional Development & Member Services Committee2020-2022lucero@udall.gov
Caroline Mellor Elected New Directions Committee Co-Chair2019-2021cmellor@langdongroupinc.com
Kimberly HorndeskiElectedConference Planning Committee2020-2022kimberly@communityconsultingllc.org
Marielena OctavioElectedDiversity and Equity Committee Co-Chair2019-2021MOctavio@merid.org
Sara OmarElected Diversity and Equity Committee Co-Chair2018-2020somar@kearnswest.com
Marina PiscolishAppointedNew Directions Committee Co-Chair2019-2021marina@mappingchange.com
Maria DoerrEx-OfficioRob Williams Award Recipient 2020-2021maria.gabrielle.doerr@gmail.com
Kelly WilderAppointedEthics Point Person2019-2021kelly.wilder@state.mn.us
Mary Lou AddorEx-OfficioUNCG Liaison2019-2021mladdor@gmail.com

ACR EPP Committees

The EPP Section has a number of committees that are always open to more volunteers.  The list below includes our active committees, along with contact information for the chair of each committee:

Diversity and Equity Committee - Promotes diversity and equity within the EPP Section and field and among those that engage with the field, by facilitating dialogue, building partnerships and catalyzing action.

Ethics Point Person - Compiles information about ethical issues in the Section’s practice area and shares this information with Section members on a regular basis

Professional Development & Member Services Committee - Coordinates activities to assist the educational, training and professional development of our members.

New Directions Committee - Focuses on growing and evolving the environmental and public policy ADR field, including adding value to the practice, identifying leadership opportunities, and articulating the unique needs and interests of the EPP Section.

Web Communications Committee - Coordinates website content development and maintenance, facilitates communication with and among EPP members, and serves a clearinghouse role to facilitate effective use of technology to support our field.

Conference Planning Committee - Plans annual conferences – typically a free-standing multi-day EPP conference in the odd years, and a shorter, one-day conference in the even years. However, our 2019 conference will be a free-standing multi-day event.

Environment and Public Policy Section Current and Past Chairs and Co-Chairs. Gail Bingham, 1983; Greg Bourne, 1992; Elaine Hallmark, 1993; John Folk-Williams, 1994-96; Chris Carlson, 1995-97; Bob Jones, Sylvia McMechan, Mary Margaret, Golten Rafael Montalvo, Donna Silverberg, 2000-02; Frank Dukes, 2001-03; Tom Fee, 2002-04; Mary Skelton Roberts, 2003-05; John Stephens, 2004-06; Cindy Cook, 2005-07; Michael Elliott, 2006-08; Carolyn Penny, 2007-09; Harry E. Manasewich, 2008-10; John Jostes, 2009-2011; Brad Spangler, 2010-12; Suzanne Schwartz, 2011-13; Turner O'Dell, 2012-14; Joan Sabott, 2013-2015; Steve Smutko (2014-2016); and Brian Manwaring (2015-2017); Dana Goodson (2016-2018); Eric Poncelet (2017-2019); Elizabeth Spaulding (2018-Present), Frank Sprtel (2019-Present).